Today is February 22nd

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

ARISE Ministry is proud to share information with you today from the Province of Ontario. February 22nd 2018 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Supporting survivors and those at risk of trafficking is a part of Ontario’s vision to ensure that everyone in the province can live in safety – free from the threat, fear or experience of exploitation and violence.

For More Information Visit the Government of Ontario’s Website

Sex trafficking is one of the forms of human trafficking that takes place in Toronto and all over Ontario. Most people trafficked in Ontario are girls and women who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Who is at risk of sex trafficking?

Most people who are trafficked for sex are women and girls, but boys, men and people who are LGBTQI2S are also targeted.

The age of recruitment is as low as 12 or 13.

Homeless and marginalized youth are targeted by sex traffickers.

Youth who struggle with low self-esteem, bullying, discrimination, poverty, abuse, isolation and other social or family issues may be targeted.

Indigenous women and girls are especially likely to be trafficked.

Addiction, mental health issues and developmental disabilities are also risk factors.

How to get help

There are different ways to get help if you or someone you know is being trafficked or is at risk:

If there is immediate danger or if you suspect a child under 18 is being trafficked, call 911 or your local police service.

Human Trafficking can cause severe trauma and survivors often need intensive, specialized services and supports to rebuild their lives. 

ARISE Ministry empowers individuals involved in the sex trade to reclaim their lives. This is a ministry of hope offering outreach, case management and spiritual care to individuals involved in the sex trade. ARISE means Advocacy and Reclaiming Individuals involved in the Sex trade through Empowerment. 

At ARISE Ministry, we value hope, love and justice and want this to be shown in every aspect of our ministry. Hope means that we honour each person’s journey and believe in a future worth having. Love means we will seek to live in and live out God’s love, believing that it is this radical love which reclaims lives. Justice means we will advocate for dignity and treat everyone with fairness and respect.

We are a mission of the Presbytery of East Toronto and a grant receiving ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

We are here to help. If you, or someone you know needs our assistance, please reach out to us by phone on 647.497.7312 or by email at

To learn more about ARISE Ministry and what we do, please visit our About page.