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programs we offer

Direct & Online Outreach

With the use of modern technology, we are able to reach individuals in more impactful ways.
Our partnerships with targeted-software companies has allowed us access and the ability to do direct outreach to individuals actively involved in sex trade. Research has proven this method of outreach to be 244% more successful to result in engagement with the individuals.

Awareness & Prevention Presentations

Our various partnerships have allowed us the opportunity to have an impact in schools and on reserves throughout Ontario. Our presentations have resulted in children recognizing signs of being groomed and providing a safe space to share their experiences and feelings without fear.

Case Management

ARISE offers a case management program for those who are or have been involved in the sex trade. The case management program works with each participant on the goals they identify as important and the program is individualized for each participant. The case management program has also been offered as a preventative program for high-risk youth or for those in recovery who might need some stability. Research has shown that most individuals have attempted to exit the sex trade at least once. A clear sense of purpose and the achievement of goals is a necessary part of any transition and fosters a sense of empowerment. Our case management program is strength-based and promotes the selfdetermination of participants. Goals are identified by each case management participant; with the support of their case manager, they purposefully work towards these goals together.

Pastoral Support

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