welcome to arise ministry

ARISE Ministry, a registered Canadian Charity, uses the donations and support provided by our generous donors to empower individuals involved in the sex trade to reclaim hope in their lives. With our passionate staff and meaningful partnerships, we are able to provide empowerment, support, and hope to at-risk youth, survivors of sexual exploitation, and persons involved in the sex trade.

ARISE Ministry was established in Toronto as a mission of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, to
provide meaningful support to individuals involved in the sex trade, survivors of sexual exploitation, and
those at-risk. Through providing case management, outreach, and spiritual care, helping relationships
are established, hope is fostered, and futures are reclaimed. We value hope, love and justice and want
this to be shown in every aspect of our ministry. In addition to our case management program we also
offer peer support, street-level outreach, virtual outreach, and a preventative outreach program with

ARISE offers a case management program for those who are or have been involved in the sex trade.
The case management program works with each participant on the goals they identify as important and
the program is individualized for each participant. The case management program has also been
offered as a preventative program for high-risk youth or for those in recovery who might need some
stability. Research has shown that most individuals have attempted to exit the sex trade at least once. A
clear sense of purpose and the achievement of goals is a necessary part of any transition and fosters a
sense of empowerment. Our case management program is strength-based and promotes the self-determination
of participants. Goals are identified by each case management participant; with the support of their case manager, they purposefully work towards these goals together. Through the COVID-19 pandemic case management has continued with mailed workbooks, phone, and virtual meetings. The remote nature of this program has meant that we have been able to broaden our reach serving individuals across Canada.

Our purpose is to provide support to individuals who are involved in the sex trade and/or have
experienced sexual exploitation seeking to reclaim hope in their lives. We have developed tools to
provide individualized, goal-oriented support, that can be offered remotely. Participants set long-term
goals at the beginning of the program and weekly goals each week, which are a reflection of these
long-term goals. The participants also work with their case manager in reflecting on personal strengths,
values, and beliefs, and addressing personal challenges such as boundaries, anger, trauma, and
shame. Participants who regularly attend case management meetings are given an incentive of a
grocery card to assist with food security as they move forward with their goals. With support from this
program participants are achieving their goals, reclaiming their lives, and seeing hope come alive.

Through referrals and outreach the individuals benefiting from this program continues to grow.
Our staff comprise an inter-disciplinary team, that includes peer workers with lived experience. The
efforts of our entire team are based on ARISE Ministry’s core values of hope, love, and justice. Our
Board of Directors is served by a committed group of leaders who meet regularly to guide and oversee
the mission. Diversification of our revenue is an ongoing objective and we continue to work to expand
partnerships and fundraising activities to secure the sustainability and continued growth of our
programs and services. ARISE Ministry would proudly serve as a stable, trustworthy, and responsibly
governed partner.