Welcome to ARISE Ministry

QuotesARISE Ministry has embarked on a new community art project! This summer we are creating art to be featured on Christmas and Holiday cards that will be printed and sold as a fundraiser for ARISE Ministry.  Your creativity is such a gift and we welcome you to participate in this project with us. You can learn more about this project by clicking the link to the introductory video here.

We are asking that all artwork by mailed to us by September 1, 2020 with an Artist Consent and Release. You can find out additional information by card project.

The Holiday cards will be available for purchase in the Fall. Being beginners at this project, we gladly welcome pre-orders. This helps us to anticipate printing needs and costs. You can pre-order by emailing: info@ariseministry.ca

We do also still have some Lenten Art Project Cards available, and you can contact us if you are interested.

We invite you to look through our website and learn more about the work we do in Toronto. We hope you will reach out to us if you need us or if you have questions.

ARISE is very proud to have Angel Power, acclaimed author and graduate of our case management program on staff at ARISE Ministry as a Peer Support Worker.

We are also proud to share poignant quotes by Angel on this page.

 “You are alive. You are capable and strong.

You wish for peace and happiness; for this we all long.

You are human. You are a woman. You are an individual.

You are perfectly broken and forever whole.”

~Angel Power

ARISE Ministry empowers individuals involved in the sex trade to reclaim their lives. This is a ministry of hope offering outreach, case management and spiritual care to individuals involved in the sex trade. ARISE means Advocacy and Reclaiming Individuals involved in the Sex trade through Empowerment. 

At ARISE Ministry, we value hope, love and justice and want this to be shown in every aspect of our ministry. Hope means that we honour each person’s journey and believe in a future worth having. Love means we will seek to live in and live out God’s love, believing that it is this radical love which reclaims lives. Justice means we will advocate for dignity and treat everyone with fairness and respect.

We are a mission of the Presbytery of East Toronto and a grant receiving ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

We are here to help. If you, or someone you know needs our assistance, please reach out to us by phone on 647.497.7312 or by email at info@ariseministry.ca

To learn more about ARISE Ministry and what we do, please visit our About page.